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SEKIS Selbsthilfe Kontakt und Informations Stelle
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Self-Help Contact and Information Center


SEKIS is the Center to support

  • self-help groups and initiatives
  • people who want to commit themselves or those who look for a certain help for their own need
  • professionals, who want to encourage and promote self-help and individual initiatives by concerned people

SEKIS is also the Center of self-help and self-help organizations formed by citizens of/in Berlin.

The contact point supports single persons, groups and organizations who want to take matters into their own hands

SEKIS will promote mobility, activity and vitality, intends to establish relationships while changing lifestyles

Central themes are therefore diversity, teamwork and tolerance.

In the social and health domain SEKIS is a link between laypersons and professional assistants. The contact center develops approaches for new forms of collaboration and teamwork.

Theoretical work bases of SEKIS are the ideas of autonomy, self-determination and solidarity.

SEKIS contributes to a culture of participation into communities and wants to promote subsequent networks and associations

In these matters SEKIS has a integrating function especially for the City of Berlin


SEKIS is aided in its efforts by the Senat (parliament) of Berlin, especially by its Health- and Social Departments, the Consumer Protection Authority and by several semi-public bodies, such as Medical Insurance Plans in Berlin and Brandenburg.


The responsible body of SEKIS is the „Dachverband der Berliner Selbsthilfekontaktstellen selko e.V.“ (Governing Body of self help contact points selko – a registered association)


Duties and Offers

1. Information and Advice

SEKIS offers Information, advice and can impart people into self-help organizations

We inform and advice in matters of collaborating. We inform about options and limits for self-help groups and clarify issues in confidential talks; whether the one or the other self-help group would be the right one in the actual situation; creating contact options with people in the same situation, or with partners important for the work to be done.

We tell you, what kind of initiatives are available in Berlin (knowledge base). We can answer questions such as “What is self-help?” SEKIS imparts interesting people to actual groups.

The base for all this is a system of information and documentation. Caveat: we document only addresses in Berlin.

2. Corporation and Networking

The contact point promotes the cooperation and the exchange of experiences between groups, organizes meetings for interested organizations and creates panels for lobbying the self-help in general, as for instance the Panel of chronical ill and handicapped people

SEKIS promotes the collaboration and the discussion between self-help groups, professionals working in professional environments and the public service. SEKIS initiates also the dialogue concerning the future development of self-help and civil engagement. SEKIS encourages other people to participate.

The project offers information for persons working in social and health related services and offers the option to promote and to support self-help within their own professional environment.

SEKIS organizes continuous vocational training and also seminars, mediates methods, and initiates public panels on self-help matters.

3. Public relations

SEKIS sanitizes the public image of themes and purposes of the self-help matters and tries to create a self-help friendly atmosphere, informs multiplicators and offers media for an exchange of ideas in the self-help domain.

SEKIS sees itself as a Lobbyist in order to

  • Organize laypeople competence and informal self help networks,
  • Strengthen the patient’s interests in order to bundle and to mediate matters and problems of people, organized in self-help groups.

The SEKIS Self-Help Letter is a platform for discussion and information in self-help matters. Frequency of publication: annual or bi-annual.

SEKIS publishes working helps, useful for an activity within self-help groups.

4. Support

As a contribution for a qualification of group members and collaborators of the self-help contact point, SEKIS organizes seminaries and training-options. An example would be the “group training” seminar.


A series of technical devices, such as copy machines, overhead projector or panels are at the disposal of groups and initiatives in order to dispose of good working conditions.

SEKIS offers an Internet access to self-help groups.

SEKIS self-help contact and information points


10709 Berlin


Tel. 030 - 892 66 02

Fax 030 - 890 285 40





Opening hours:

Monday: 12 - 16

Wednesday: 10 - 14

Thursday: 14 - 18


Group Rooms Opening hours:

Daily from 9 to 21.30


Traffic Info:

Underground: Adenauer-Platz

Bus: M 29, M 19 Lehniner Platz


Karin Stötzner:

Brigitte Meier-Obi:

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